Sunday, December 13, 2009

KCTV Tower Sketch Book

Over the Christmas break, my girlfriend and I agreed to make eachother presents.  The budget was under $10, so it seriously narrowed my options.  As a member of the fibers department, she constantly sketches ideas from dreams and inspiration for clothing ideas.  So I decided to make her a sketchbook.

Since our first arrival in Kansas City, the first thing to greet us was the enormous KCTV tower, lit up in the night. It was very beautiful and has served as a beacon for us to get home when lost. So it's a special monument to us.  So the theme for this sketchbook was the tower.  The color choices were based on her favorite colors, the tower color, and the value changes that come with lighting at night time.  I even included a page with a brief back story of the tower.  I'll post some pictures when it gets unwrapped on Christmas. 

The materials will be a thick matte cardstock for the front, back, and 2 inside pages.  The sketching paper will be a bright, thick laser paper to help bring down the cost, and up the number of pages for sketching. Binding meathod has yet to be determined. I will likely do a stab bind with some sort of ribbon.  But if there is a place locally that provides wire-O binding services, I might check into that instead.

The order will be Title page, Merry Christmas page, sketching pages, history page, back cover.

Here are the screen grabs:

Friday, December 11, 2009

CDF: Pre-Christmas Break Update

This week was a rather productive week.  We had the color book, the calenders, the process binder, a documentation cd, and a trip to a local color printing firm called "Color Mark" to do.  The work was pretty tedious, but was a pretty good follow up for our semester.  I'll be glad I have that cd down the road. 

On another note, Color Mark was pretty fantastic.  the assembly line aspect was a bit of a downer, but the ending products were impressive.  Doing such large and numerous prints for Sprint and other major companies is something to look forward to when I make my way into the corporate world.  In the mean time, I'll just hope the world of cubicles phases out a bit, and I'll continue with my studies on color, drawing, and form.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

CDF: Update (with new photos too!)

This color book project has been an interesting tie into our delineation work. The calenders are almost ready for completion, and the color schemes are similar color schemes to our photos. My entry for August will be simultaneous contrast. Shouldn't be too difficult since my delineated letter form is flat planes in a close vicinity of each other. I'll be going with brighter and more summery colors, but not quite as vibrant as the earlier summer months. These color activities have proven to weasel their way into my work little by little, and I think it's helping my work and the aesthetics of my projects greatly. I'm also weighing the use of color in diagrams and informational aids. Organization is a key element to conveying information to anyone, and color certainly helps at least half the brain. I hope there will be more color in the future, and I'm definitely psyched for the upcoming field trip.

Here are the new photos in this order:

Contrast of Value and Saturation
Three Dimensional Through Psychological Space
Contrast of Extension
Horizontal Cross Section