Sunday, August 30, 2009

Work in progress.

Lately I've been working on the latest typography project.  Essentially, the same as the last project, but these 2 new images have to be labeled.  The integration of these labels is the difficult aspect of the work, but I'm hopeful I'll get them done with time to spare.  I managed to finish my perspective image of the Clarendon U's from last time, and I have 1 of the labeled works done, capitalizing on cutting out and continuing past the frame.  I'm thinking about the materials I might use for the next one.  I think that it'll inspire the labeling portion of the piece.  Maybe something with string or the presentation of the piece.

I also found that after I had finished cutting the labels  from my first piece, that the scraps, the residue of counter space if you will, turned out quite beautifully.  Maybe I'll be more in tuned with positive negative space down the road.  Gotta love a counter space focused typeface.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Graphic Design Sources, Hiebert" Article Response

Graphic design surely does have it's ups and downs as a profession and discipline, but I think that's the case with just about any kind of art form.  A graphic designer has to rely on the connection with the viewer and the piece, just as other artists would.  I don't see graphic design as something someone could fully understand and experience all at once.  It takes time to learn and understand what style you as a designer will use to represent yourself, and the means to communicate your information to the viewer.  This experience with the viewer is heightened far more when other occupations and art forms are merged with graphic design to create a truly immersing experience. At this point in time, a person can only do so much on a computer. 

"Type and Image, Meggs" Article Response

I agree with this article.  For a designers work, he needs to have the appeal to the public to catch their attention, followed by a collection of information to convey to the viewer.  Without the viewer's attention, a designers work is a failure.  We rely on the common knowledge and symbolism of our culture.

Vis. Com. : What I think design is.

Design in my eyes, is the application of any medium in way that is informative, visually appealing, and that has purpose. Any medium could be used with any method. The computer is only such a popular tool in graphic design because of the new digital age our generation is going through.

Vis. Com. "Why graphic design?"

I didn't actually start with an interest in computers. Like most people, I started dabbling in drawing since you always have a pencil in your hand while going through school. So as time went on, I'd say that drew me into computers and the tools that could do far easier than I could replicating them on paper. I've always considered myself somewhat of a minimalist, with an appreciating for clean lines and drafting. So I have a huge interest in form, function, and typography. Websites, posters, anything that can be both informative and valuable to corporations and the public are what drive and inspire me into the design field.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A jump off the high dive.

Well the first day of my Sophomore year has passed, and although tense and a tad stressful, there's a lot to learn, and I feel like I have some growing room.  Until I need to be repotted into a larger place when I graduate, I'll feel at home here.

At a bit of a run however, the first bomb has been dropped and I'll be working on it tonight.  The assignment is a large format Typography project, where I'll be utilizing the letter U in a multitude of abstract and concrete forms.  I plan on using pencil and ruler to lay out the basics and probably explore negative space in the form of shapes.  Can't wait to see what my piers come up with as I'm sure I'll pull from them in many ways.  Maybe I'll post pictures of my sketches before the finished products, assuming my supply hunting doesn't take too long.

It's a shame the ID room is closed at 3 p.m. though....  I'll have to get my cold snow things tomorrow.